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College Fellow is Navy's new surgeon general

Matthew L. Nathan, MD, FACP, oversees medicine for the Navy. Yes, his personal heroes are Vice Admiral James Stockdale and Teddy Roosevelt, but to make his way through school, he was a magician and musician. More

College Fellow is new leader of practice managers' association

The president of the newly merged Medical Group Management Association and American College of Medical Practice Executives describes her new role after only a few weeks on the job. More

Bringing health to low-income patients in the clinic and media

Erin N. Marcus, FACP, authors a practical health column directed to readers who don’t have enough financial resources or access to care. More

Cuba is just across the water, but medically, a different world

ACP Member Paul Drain explored Cuba’s medical system and finds primary care broken down much differently than in the U.S., with more access resulting in less of a need for inpatient care. But the politics of re-establishing relations with the country are no less tenuous today than they’ve previously been. More

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Physicians in Haiti face a new set of challenges as they stem the spread of infectious diseases and restore medical care to a country that had little before a devastating earthquake struck. More

Bringing comfort to patients through palliative care

A primary care internist with a background in hospital medicine, hospice care and psychiatry explains how he grew an inpatient consult service to include outpatient services, home services and research programs. More

There is a doctor in the ‘House’ (and she’s an ACP Member)

From television news producer to internist to columnist to advisor to one of TV's most popular medical dramas, Lisa Sanders, ACP Member, explains how a career spent considering the stories behind every diagnosis has led her to become one of the real physicians behind House, M.D. More

An internist makes the leap to practice hospital medicine

Internist Peter Nock, ACP Member, describes how the immediacy of treating hospitalized patients prompted him to leave his office-based practice. More

A generalist and educator marks 20 years of ACP Fellowship

Linda S. Snell, FACP, was among ACP's first class of Fellows, inducted in 1989. More

The search for answers is in his blood (and yours)

Joel Moake, FACP, explains his four-decades-long pursuit of new information in the field of hemostasis/thrombosis, and what attracted him to internal medicine. More

Hunting for causes, cures and small game

D. Lynn Loriaux, MACP, talks about how he transitioned from forestry to husbandry to internal medicine, hiw skills at the trumpet, and searching for cures to endocrine diseases at the Institutes of Health. More

Texas internist finds time for Joint Commission, marathons
An interview with Isabel V. Hoverman, MACP, and what motivated her to qualify for her first marathon at age 62. More

Edith Irby Jones, MACP: Pioneering internist is still outworking her peers at age 80
June ’08

Donna Sweet, MACP: Jet-setting Kansas doc stays grounded through patient care
June ’08

ACG president seeks bigger role for women in health care
May '08

ACP Master aims to make a difference in the public’s health
April ’08

Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, MACP
A woman in medicine reflects on philanthropic leadership
March ’08

John B. Bass, Jr., MACP: Physician, mentor uses life and literature as teaching tools
February '08

Sled dogs exert powerful pull on these northern docs
To unwind, they spend their free time training to race across the Alaskan wilderness in subzero temperatures. (April 2007)

ACP Governor tapped for top advisory post in Japan
Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MACP, is the first physician to serve as counsel to the Prime Minister on science issues. (April 2007)

Surviving cancer opened window into patient's world
Internist learned to scale back practice, empathize with patients and live life one day at a time—in remission. (January-February 2007)

Centenarian moved from healing people to saving forests
Internist turned conservationist Edgar Wayburn, FACP, led efforts to save 100 million acres of wilderness. (December 2006)

Boston internist is reaching out to Iraq’s physicians
Building professional societies and CME in war-torn areas. (October 2006)

Internist-chef advises patients how—and what—to eat
As Dr. Gourmet, he matches diets to health problems and tells patients 'you don't have to suffer to eat well.' (September 2006)

Physician trades solo practice for locum tenens lifestyle
Despite missing long-term connections to patients, this internist finds hassle-free schedule a perfect fit. (July-August 2006)

Internist stirs passions, debates with a medical blog
The online forum helps him connect with a virtual community—and gives free rein to his inner 'rant'. (May 2006)

In rural Georgia, this internist puts heart into cardiac rehab
His passion for sports and fitness helps motivate his cardiac rehab patients to get themselves up and running. (April 2006)

Looking to the arts to keep compassion in patient care
This internist and well-known author relies on 'right-brain' thinking to show that medicine goes beyond science. (March 2006)

Sometimes the trick is knowing when to keep quiet Getting to know her patients helps this internist remember that good medicine is more than a numbers game. (January-February 2006)

For traveling epidemiologist, disease has no borders
One frequent-flying internist has combined a lifelong love of travel with a bent for forensic medicine. (December 2005)

A 'doctor without orders' joins homegrown relief effort
Bypassing bureaucracy, an internist teams up with health professionals making their own way to the Gulf Coast. (November 2005)

The October issue of ACP Observer marked the debut of ChartNotes," a new monthly column about physicians who have made unusual career choices, shown extraordinary commitment or have unique perspectives on practicing medicine. Meet Nick Fitterman, FACP. (October 2005)



A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

The new president of Physicians for a National Health Program, an ACP Fellow, shares his vision for health care reform. More



A physician in New Orleans finds refuge in giving aid
A Louisiana internist and his colleagues weather the Katrina crisis. (October 2005)

Making the case for 'big doctoring' in primary care
A primary care advocate claims that generalists should take a broad view to strengthen their role in American medicine—and speak with one voice. (December 2003)

One internist takes her advocacy efforts on the road
Key Contact of the Year Dawn Clancy, FACP, has a passion for improving access. (July-August 2003)

How one group gives new meaning to 'virtual' access
Replacing many follow-up visits with e-mail and phone calls has made physicians—and patients—much happier (April 2003)

In tough markets, three primary care groups are learning how to make their size count
Making sure that bigger is better (October 2002)

A look back at seven years of leading internal medicine
As he steps down, the College's CEO talks about professionalism, the merger and ACP-ASIM's future (June 2002)

In Afghanistan, health care is competing with chaos
Two physicians discuss the daunting health crises faced by a country recovering from decades of war (March 2002)

Teaching empathy for the disabled through experience
Dr. Conill gives program participants a taste of being disabled and new skills to provide compassionate care (February 2002)



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