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ACP Internist - April 2011

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Peripheral Artery Disease

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

Despite poor awareness and a lack of training on handling peripheral artery disease, internists can and should be able to recognize the symptoms and manage 95% of cases. Experts advise how to diagnose and treat the condition.


Mental Health

Integrate mental health into medical practice

Partnerships between internists and mental health professionals are rare but proving their worth. Advantages include recognizing symptoms in a primary care setting and easing co-management for physicians and patients alike.


Adult Immunization

Adult immunization rates fall far short of goals

The CDC’s Healthy People 2010 campaign aimed to have 60% of high-risk patients under 65 vaccinated against pneumonia and influenza. Actual immunization rates may be half of that. The president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases describes the barriers and the solutions.


Medical Education

Learning to learn: Ophthalmoscopic skills taught by simulation

Creating an ophthalmoscopic examination simulation model is easy, inexpensive and goes a long way toward improving this basic clinical skill set. Acquaint yourself with abnormalities seen in the office, as well as the motor skills involved with proper use of the instruments.


FDA Update

Indications added for Gardasil, breast implants questioned

Recalls, warnings, approvals and other regulatory news.



Practical Genomics

Blueprint reveals clinical slant to upcoming genomics research

The 10th anniversary of the publication of the entire sequenced human genome is celebrated with another publication, this time of clinical applications for the research. Not only can diseases be treated, but better drugs and streamlined clinical trials may result.


Editor’s Note

Overlooking PAD in primary care

A look at how physicians can diagnose a condition when its symptoms are often dismissed as the normal signs of aging.


Readers Respond

Letters to the editor

Readers object to coverage on cost-cutting measures in practice management.


President’s Message

Off-service note from ACP’s outgoing president

ACP has made tremendous strides in the past 100 years, and must make many more in the next 100 in order to achieve its goals of caring for patients in an effective health care environment.


Washington Perspective

Budget brinkmanship may yet impact health care reform

Political debate about tax cuts and other federal issues may spill over into health care reform, and how it is funded even as it rolls out.


Practice Management

Practice Rx

Internists need to know coding for CPAP, observation services

There’s more to internal medicine than evaluation and management services. Two of the more common of the uncommon services to code for include CPAP for sleep disorders, and guidance on billing for observation and same-day discharges.



Home health and hospice eligibility now requires face-to-face encounter

Enforcement begins on a new Medicare rule that mandates a personal encounter for the initial certification of home health and hospice services.


College News

Annual Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting to be held

The ACP Annual Business Meeting will occur at Internal Medicine 2011 in the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, April 9 from 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m.


Chapter Awards

Chapter Awardees announced

In recognition of their outstanding service, exceptional individuals received chapter awards in the fall and winter 2010-2011.


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