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ACP Internist - February 2011

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Scanning and Testing

How many are too many for CT scans?

As many as one-third of the 70 million imaging tests ordered during the year may not be needed. Experts attempt to determine whether repeated radiation scanning doses could prove potentially yet unintentionally harmful.


Transplant Medicine

Lack of kidneys for transplant raises debates

A shortage of transplantable organs has led to previously unthought-of issues that entangle ethics, policy, costs and clinical complications. Internists now must consider transplant tourists, long waits and “donation chains” as factors in their patient counseling.


Careers in Medicine

Years after leaving practice, some doctors choose to return

Physicians sometimes take up the stethoscope again, years or even decades after having involved themselves in other personal or professional pursuits. Programs exist to draw these doctors back into clinical practice, where they are needed.


FDA Update

Propoxyphene withdrawn, bevacizumab loses indication

Recalls, warnings, approvals and other regulatory news.



Practical Genomics

Can the electronic medical record contain an entire genome?

Genetic records create data by the petabyte—that’s a number with 15 zeros trailing along. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. That’s a lot of data for primary care physicians to manage as genetic tests become more common.


President’s Message

Report on nurses’ scope of practice requires clarification

An Institute of Medicine report comes at a transformational time for health care in America. How this report changes scope of practice issues and nurses’ interactions with physicians will affect the team-based approach sought from new health care models.


Editor’s Note

Reining in the use of CT scans

A look at concerns over the use and overuse of imaging tests in primary care.


Readers Respond

Letters to the editor

A reader responds to ACP Internist’s coverage of integrated health care delivery models.


Washington Perspective

History will judge outgoing Congress’ impact on health reform

Not since Congress passed Medicare and Medicaid has there been such an impact on health care as happened by the close of 2010.


Practice Management

Conference Coverage

Cut costs without cutting corners to keep the office efficient

Today’s health care environment demands that physicians wring every last drop of efficiency from their practices. Here are five easy ways to accomplish that.


Electronic Prescribing

E-prescribing incentives change to penalties on June 30

Physicians who do not begin e-prescribing by June 30 will face 1% penalty on all Medicare Part B charges for 2012. Learn how to qualify, quickly.


Practice Rx

New year brings big, small changes to practice administration

Federal regulations will change how internists practice this year. Learn about the primary care incentive program, the annual wellness visit and medical savings accounts.



The e-prescribing paradox

Practices need to have an e-prescribing system up and running by the end of May. Learn how to qualify by using the G8553 code at least 10 times by then.


College News

Chapter Governance

Governors-elect designees for the class of 2016

ACP announces incoming Governors-elect.


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