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ACP InternistSM - May 2009

Featured Articles

Primary Care Coordination

Internist follow-up key for breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors may recover from their illness only to face the same diseases as their "well" peers, such as hypertension and diabetes. Experts suggest a shared care model to keep breast cancer survivors healthy.


Career Trends

Practice hassles have more docs going locum

Economic factors and bureaucratization are prompting more internists to adopt locum tenens employment as a career path. Read the stories of doctors who have made the switch successfully.


Clinical Controversies

Fibromyalgia's symptoms real but be cautious in diagnosis

A rheumatologist with 25 years of fibromyalgia research experience questions the current paradigm surrounding the elusive illness.


FDA Review

Recalls for arrhythmia drug, infusion pumps, defibrillators

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts from the Food and Drug Administration.


In the News

Cardiology update: afib, medications for heart failure

Clinical updates from the reports compiled by ACP IntenristWeekly.



Editor's Note

After beating cancer, survivors needs a medical home

Breast cancer survivors often drift away from their primary care provider—sometimes for years. A shared care model could help these women head off the other diseases that may also affect them, such as hypertension or diabetes.


Mindful Medicine

It's just old age—or is it? Don't be guided by stereotypes

Would you make the same diagnosis in a 50-year-old patient that you would in an 80-year-old? This and a vague history led one internist to press for a better answer to a patient's anemia and SED rate.


Practical Genomics

New tool makes it easy to add crucial family history to EHRs

Electronic medical records are slowly pushing out the family history, eliminating valuable diagnostic information. But a free tool offers an easy way to restore important details to a clinician's files.


Letters to the Editor

Readers react to ACP Internist Coverage

PSA tests, fibromyalgia and reconsidering clinical impressions are discussed and debated by ACP members.


President's Message

Rural experience, global perspective for health care reform

In the midst of an economic recession and escalating health care costs, the College develops directions and solutions for health care reform.


Washington Update

Can Obama team navigate rough waters of health reform?

A large number of Americans favor health care reform, which could help the new President as he seeks to overcome mandates, taxes and pay cuts.


ACP Highlights

What's new in other publications from the American College of Physicians

ACP introduces a new book, "How to Write, Publish and Present in the health Sciences," as well as six Webcasts from Internal Medicine 2009.


Practice Management

Coding and Reimbursement

PQRI overhaul uncovers faults and initiates fixes for 2009

A chief medical officer with Medicare explains how the agency listened to doctors to improve and made easier a program that promises more reimbursement for the care you're already delivering to your patients.


Practice Rx

FTC rule requires doctors to monitor identity theft red flags

New rules treat doctors' offices like banks and credit card companies, holding them responsible for identity theft the same way they're responsible for patient privacy.



A practical guide for creating and maintaining a 'red flag' program

Federal regulations require doctors' offices to set up written procedures to protect against identity theft. Practice pearls outline steps to follow to comply with the new law.


College News

Regents act to boost public view of primary care

The Board of Regents voted at its spring meeting on several measures to enhance public and political perception of primary care and/or general internal medicine.


Regents offer solutions to primary care shortage

The Board of Regents on Monday approved a policy monograph which offers several solutions to the impending shortage of primary care physicians.




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