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From the July-August ACP Observer, copyright 2005 by the American College of Physicians.

Online editorial addresses performance measurement

John Tooker, FACP, the College's Chief Executive Officer, has released a Web-based video editorial on the need to measure health care quality and assess physician performance.

In the Webcast, Dr. Tooker speaks about how performance measures can improve the quality and efficiency of health care. The editorial also highlights the challenges of developing a coordinated strategy to collect and combine performance data.

According to Dr. Tooker, the many different measurement sets being proposed by health plans and employers create a burden for physicians. That's why the work of the Ambulatory Care Quality Alliance (AQA)—a national consortium of key health care stakeholders, including ACP—is so important, he said. The AQA has created a uniform starter set of 26 ambulatory care performance measures, which could be incorporated into pay-for-performance programs nationwide by next year.

"The adoption of appropriate quality improvement strategies will, if done right, result in increased patient and physician satisfaction," said Dr. Tooker. "We want to ensure that it is done right."

Access the Webcast through Medscape.

Chapters present Laureate Awards, others

ACP chapters recently presented Laureate Awards—as well as awards for volunteerism, community service, teaching and leadership—to 16 internists.

Chapter awards honor College Masters, Fellows and Members who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education and research or who have provided service to their community, chapter, and the College.

The following individuals received awards:

Ben V. Branscomb, FACP, Laureate Award
John M. McMahon, FACP, Laureate Award

Atlantic Provinces
John D. Harnett, FACP, Laureate Award

John F. Fisher, FACP, J. Willis Hurst Teaching Award
Julie L. Gerberding, FACP, Leadership Award
James A. Hotz, ACP Member, Community Based Teaching Award
J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, FACP, Laureate Award
Ruth M. Parker, FACP, Community Service Award
Henry M. Patton, FACP, Community Based Teaching Award

Kenneth McLeod Jr., ACP Member, Laureate Award
Lawrence P. O'Meallie, FACP, Laureate Award

Van L. Lackey, FACP, Laureate Award

New Jersey
John A. Walker, FACP, Laureate Award

Rhode Island
Federico Ferri, FACP, Laureate Award

Pedro Perdomo, FACP, Laureate Award
Armando Perez-Monteverde, FACP, Volunteerism Award

Free patient education video focuses on African-American heart health

ACP's newest addition to its free patient education video series helps African-American patients understand how to keep their hearts healthy.

The program, "5 Keys to a Healthy Heart: A Guide for African-Americans," is a 30-minute video and accompanying guidebook that can be used in the office or given to patients to take home.

The program gives patients tips on managing their cholesterol and blood pressure levels and on how to prevent diabetes. It also covers making healthy food choices and the importance of regular exercise. The video features actress Marla Gibbs and New York Jets Coach Herman Edwards, as well as leading African-American physicians who provide medical advice.

"5 Keys to a Healthy Heart" is the fifth video in the series targeting common minority health issues. The videos and accompanying guidebooks are free to ACP members. Shipping costs range from $5 for one to five items, up to $20 for 16 to 20 items. Quantities are limited.

More details and ordering information are online.

What's new in PIER

PIER—ACP's point-of-care, Web-based decision-support tool—now contains 385 modules that provide guidance and information on more than 275 diseases and conditions. PIER modules are online.

Recently added topics include:

  • Abortion referral
  • Acute hepatic injury
  • Ebola and Marburg viruses
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Ethical issues concerning disability determination
  • Glioblastoma
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Leprosy
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Panic disorder
  • Perioperative management of hypertension
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Screening for dyslipidemia
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • Sexual assault
  • TORCH viruses in pregnancy
  • Tracheal intubation
  • Thyroid scan and uptake


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