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July-August Observer Contents


Working Part TimeWorking part time: Can it fit into your practice?
While a part-time schedule offers career flexibility, you need to consider issues like pay, benefits, call and support staff.
July '02

New technologies help laboratories fight bioterrorism
Labs can now rapidly detect pathogens—a boon for national security and public health.
July '02

Clinical Medicine

New evidence to relieve fears about Lyme disease
Despite the public's anxiety, Lyme disease is difficult to catch and easy to treat.
July '02

MigraineDrug therapies to treat—and prevent—migraines
Physicians can now offer migraine patients a multi-tiered regimen of drugs to bring needed relief.
July '02


July-August Letters
Another perspective on the malpractice crisis, and an opportunity to help health care in Afghanistan.
July '02

Your Practice

CMS establishes national standards for lab tests
The new rule creates uniform, national Medicare coverage for common lab tests.
July '02

Young Physicians

Strategies to help you prepare for recertification
Physicians who have been through the recertification process share their best tips.
July '02

College Watch

President's Column
With advocacy, one internist can make a difference
There is no substitute for individual involvement in the political process.
July '02

Doctors lobby at Leadership Day for better pay, access
More than 140 College members met with legislators in Washington to discuss key health care issues.
July '02

College's Evergreen Awards recognize chapter efforts
Ten chapters were recognized for their efforts to increase member communication and participation in internal medicine.
July '02

College Briefs

College chapters present 12 Laureate Awards.
July '02

College now provides online CME transcript.
July '02

Associates win national abstract competition.
July '02

College releases electronic curriculum guide.
July '02

ACP-ASIM honored for public relations efforts.
July '02

Washington Perspective

What history can teach us about medical politics today
Many issues debated today echo the controversies and conflicts of the past.
July '02

Policy Briefs

ACP-ASIM supports House physician payment proposal.
July '02

College challenges CMS on correcting payment formula errors.
July '02

College seeks liability reform to safeguard access to women's health services.
July '02

Member News

Obituaries: Thomas M. Blake, MACP; Paul P. Carbone, MACP; and John M. Eisenberg, MACP



Chapter Meetings


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