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May Observer Contents


Pay and hours driving losses in this year's Match
Hardest hit were primary internal medicine and med-peds tracks.
May '02

Clinical Medicine

menstrual cycles Menstrual cycles and patient care: a new view
When research is still preliminary, some are treating patients with menstruation in mind.
May '02

Taking a new approach to type 2 diabetes
Recognizing clues like metabolic syndrome is one key to catching 'prediabetes.'
May '02

For Residents

Patients uncooperative? Try these communication tips
By recognizing important issues and helping set expectations, residents can improve patient encounters.
May '02

Your Practice

HIPAA privacy regulations Tips to comply with HIPAA's new privacy regulations
While the privacy rules are still in flux, you need to comply by April 2003. Here are some strategies to get started.
May '02

Six Medicare myths that internists shouldn't fear
While government rules can be complex, you can use the following tips to make the system work for you.

rightsizingRightsizing, not downsizing, is key to staffing success
Moving staff to the right tasks and benchmarking can help the bottom line more than cutting positions.
May '02

Providing uncovered services? Use these modifiers
Using modifiers will speed denials or remove suspicion that you routinely bill for unnecessary services.
May '02

College Watch

President's column
What to help improve access? Become a volunteer
Until universal coverage becomes a reality in America, volunteer physicians will play a critical role in providing a health safety net.
May '02

College Briefs

College releases new books on wide range of topics.
May '02

Board of Governors resolutions for fall meeting due June 7.
May '02

Time to pay chapter dues.
May '02

Washington Perspective

Achieving affordable health care for all in seven years
The College's plan would weave current sources of care into a fabric that covers everyone.
May '02

Policy Briefs

In two papers, College outlines plans to reform Medicare.
May '02

ACP-ASIM recommends Medicare regulatory changes and revisions to pay formula.
May '02

Member News

Obituaries: William J. Darby, MACP, and William Taliaferro Thompson Jr., MACP




Chapter Meetings


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